K&K pure mini

K&K Pure Mini 的特別之處在於不用電池,不破壞吉他,安裝方便,聲音絕對木頭味道。打板、敲琴頭、拍弦都極佳--音色取決於您的吉他。


Mini 板適用於鋼弦面板結構比較小的( BABY Talor )平衡性及輸出音量佳是它的特色!

List of tools needed:
• Electric drill (for endpin jack mount)
• Drill bits, at least 3/8" (10mm) and 1/2" (12mm for endpin jack mount) or ½” Forstner bit
• Pliers or wrench for endpin jack installation
• Large size nail for punching holes into jig
• Flashlight and small handheld mirror for visual check
• Acetone (if bridgeplate surface is dirty)
• Fine sandpaper or razorblade (if residue on bridgeplate surface or if not smooth and level)
• Some double side adhesive carpet tape or similar (for pinless bridge only)
• 3 latex gloves (for pinless bridge only)
• double side adhesive “carpet” tape (for pinless bridge only)
• 1/16” drill bit (for pinless bridge only)