PostHeaderIcon Five.O Ukulele 拾音器

Five.O Ukulele拾音器

各位Ukulele琴友們眾所期盼的 L.R.Baggs Five.o 拾音器終於到囉!

L.R.Baggs 新款Five.O專為Ukulele設計--其為目前最輕、最小的拾音器,尤其在接收弦和琴身的震動上特別獨天得厚,這真是個不可多得的天王級烏克麗麗拾音器,當你第一次使用Five.O的時候,你就會發現 Five.O的魔力。。

The L.R. Baggs FIVE.O ukulele system is small, light-weight, and best of all, specifically tuned to track the uke’s natural dynamics and its unmistakably unique voice

The system combines a custom version of our award winning Element undersaddle pickup with a miniature endpin preamp, soundhole mounted volume control and is powered by a 3 Volt coin cell battery. The entire system weighs less than one 9 Volt battery and tucks away neatly inside the small instrument for a non-invasive installation.

The pure, all-discrete electronics are voiced for the most accurate frequency response you have ever heard, so plug into the FIVE.O and enjoy the performance you have been waiting for.

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